ATTENTION COMMANDERS! If you are participating in this expedition, DO NOT modify or delete your Elite: Dangerous game journal files!
They will be needed after the expedition to verify your bingo card.


The Expedition

Welcome to the first Long range (66k ly) High Gravity Body landing TOUR, compatible with both Odyssey and Horizons (console players welcome)!

You might also find yourself competing for $200 worth in Steam/Xbox/PlayStation rewards using our GRAVITY bingo card system just by participating and checking out the expedition

Jump Aboard the SWS//CLOWN Hospital and any of our other authorized carriers currently orbiting Algorab A7 and visit 33 points of interest. With 1 or 2 points of interest every day. Fair warning, you might be sent to the hospital (die) plenty of times while participating in the expedition.

We will stumble upon extraordinary places to land, such as THE MIGHTY, THE LITHOBREAKER, THE MASS HOLE, and other cute, safe, and sensible high gravity destinations in the expedition in the trip. Where you will be at the risk of MEETING THE REBUY SCREEN or simply tell your friends, you survived to tell the HARROWING TALE.
One to two DESTINATION/WAYPOINTS every day.

For more information, please consult our travel guide and contest conditions on our Discord server. For participating, you must sign up on our expedition page in EDSM, our google form, and join our discord for the bingo cards set to release after our expedition mass launch on Sunday, August 15th.


Expedition begins on August 15, 2021!

A mass jump will be occuring on August 15, 2021 in Algorab!

NOTE: All times are in UTC.
Carrier positions last updated: September 7, 2021 @ 3:00a.m

SWS//Clown Hospital (KFF-45X)

Location: N/A
Destination: N/A
Status: Route completed

Route Progress:


Location: N/A
Destination: N/A
Status: Route completed

Route Progress:


Location: N/A
Destination: N/A
Status: Route completed

Route Progress:


Location: N/A
Destination: N/A
Status: Route completed

Route Progress:

Route / Waypoints

Complete route details are available here

  • Six Rings 'o Silver (NGC 5460 Sector DL-Y e6)
  • Morgan's Rock (NGC 6188 Sector LC-V c2-28)
  • IC 4663 - Planetary Nebula (CSI-44-17417)
  • Angerona (Plio Aihm ML-P d5-307)
  • Bohr's Dice (Blaa Hypai DR-V e2-16)
  • Goliath (Chroabs TI-S d4-58)
  • Admin Planet - Nova Hunter - THE MASS HOLE (Byua Ain XJ-A f2626)
  • XTE J1752-223
  • Vanra (Byua Aim AW-D d12-1612)
  • Ebony and Ivory / End of the world view (Byaa Airm JM-W f1-744)
  • Arjun's Vault (Iowhaik ZQ-C d13-320)
  • Juego de Bolos (Dryoea Flyuae DA-A e1141)
  • Blue Mite Nebula (Ogaicy TT-R e4-1619)
  • Admin planet- Nikki21p - Hold onto your butt (Eoch Pruae CB-O e6-4947)
  • The Lithobreaker (Kyloall CL-Y g1518)
  • Uvhash (Agnairt YU-Y f3281)
  • The Mighty (Kyloalks DL-Y g17)
  • Leamae YP-O e6-2428
  • Dryaea Flee ME-G c24-563
  • Eephaills AA-A g162
  • Boekh EV-Y e353
  • Blue Eaewsy JN-S e4-247
  • Blua Hypa HT-F d12-1226
  • XTE J1752-223
  • Byua Aim AW-D d12-1612
  • Byaa Airm JM-W f1-744
  • Clooku XK-N d7-160
  • Prua Phoe RN-T e3-29
  • Ellaidst WO-R d4-47
  • Nyeajoa RE-F d12-74
  • Eagle Sector IR-W d1-105
  • Pyramoe HR-V e2-11
  • Bleia Dryiae FG-X e1-4
  • HD 148937
  • Chi Hydrae

Challenge Difficulties

Odyssey Compatible Clown

Range: 1-2.7G (Easy)

Players can disembark on these (in Odyssey).

Pepega Clown

Range: 2.8-4.9G (Medium)

SRV's start to get stuck in icy slopes (in Odyssey)

Force Shell Cannon Bullying

Range: 5.0-7.9 (Hard)

Challenges would require users be shot by a FORCE SHELL cannon while landing (only for this range)

Thanos Beluga

Range: 8.0-9.8 (Ultra Hard)

Most admin planets will be around this range.

Flexecutive Command

Range: 9.9G (Hardcore)

Good luck, you will need it!


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  • NGC 5460 Sector DL-Y e6 (4 carrier jumps)
  • NGC 6188 Sector LC-V c2-28 (6 carrier jumps)
  • CSI-44-17417 (5 carrier jumps)
  • Plio Aihm ML-P d5-307 (8 carrier jumps)
  • Blaa Hypai DR-V e2-16 (6 carrier jumps)
  • Chroabs TI-S d4-58 (8 carrier jumps)
  • Byua Ain XJ-A f2626 (3 carrier jumps)
  • XTE J1752-223 (4 carrier jumps)
  • Byua Aim AW-D d12-1612 (3 carrier jumps)
  • Byaa Airm JM-W f1-744 (4 carrier jumps)
  • Iowhaik ZQ-C d13-320 (5 carrier jumps)
  • Dryoea Flyuae DA-A e1141 (5 carrier jumps)
  • Ogaicy TT-R e4-1619 (4 carrier jumps)
  • Eoch Pruae CB-O e6-4947 (4 carrier jumps)
  • Kyloall CL-Y g1518 (3 carrier jumps)
  • Agnairt YU-Y f3281 (4 carrier jumps)
  • Kyloalks DL-Y g17 (4 carrier jumps)
  • Leamae YP-O e6-2428 (3 carrier jumps)
  • Dryaea Flee ME-G c24-563 (4 carrier jumps)
  • Eephaills AA-A g162 (6 carrier jumps)
  • Boekh EV-Y e353 (4 carrier jumps)
  • Blue Eaewsy JN-S e4-247 (3 carrier jumps)
  • Blua Hypa HT-F d12-1226 (9 carrier jumps)
  • Clooku XK-N d7-160 (3 carrier jumps)
  • Prua Phoe RN-T e3-29 (3 carrier jumps)
  • Ellaidst WO-R d4-47 (4 carrier jumps)
  • Nyeajoa RE-F d12-74 (5 carrier jumps)
  • Eagle Sector IR-W d1-105 (5 carrier jumps)
  • Pyramoe HR-V e2-11 (4 carrier jumps)
  • Bleia Dryiae FG-X e1-4 (3 carrier jumps)
  • HD 148937 (7 carrier jumps)
  • Chi Hydrae (3 carrier jumps)

Join the Expedition!

  1. Sign up on the roster.
  2. Join the expedtion on EDSM.
  3. Join the expedition's Discord server and mention that you are joining for the expedition.


From the creators of The Enthusiastic Christmas Colonia Trip comes Sidewinder Syndicate's abomination of an expedition to the most incredible places to land in the galaxy. Led by a group of avid explorers, this exepedition is sure to please.
NOTE: Landing on high-G planets can be dangerous and result in ship destruction. Please ensure you have docked to a carrier (and have redocked after switching ships) to ensure you remain with the expedition!